Welcome to Shu Jun Healthcare 

Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve your health 

Dr Shu Jun Duan 

Book your free consultation on:

020 7637 2808 (Oxford Circus)

020 7286 1442 (Maida Vale)

020 8952 5688 (Edgware)

Back pain, migraine, want to feel more beautiful or lose weight? 

Visit the Shu Jun Healthcare Clinics;  based in Maida Vale, West London and in Edgware, North West London...

If you are unwell or in pain, our Chinese Healthcare centre has a wide range of treatments to reduce the pain. These medical remedies are simply the most tried and tested therapies in the world.

We specialise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and massage perfect for beauty treatments, ideal for losing weight.


Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday by appointment only

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